5 post-workout beauty essentials

Don’t forget to pack these into your gym bag!


You’ve had a great gym session and are basking in the afterglow. What you do next is just as important to maintain overall well-being. These are the must-have personal care products to bring along every time you head to the gym. 


Arm yourself

Deodorant tops the list for obvious reasons. You’ll work up a good sweat in the gym, which creates moist environments for bacteria to thrive on your skin. They break down the sweat and in doing so, create unpleasant smells. Deodorants help contain the odour while keeping your underarms feeling fresh.


Dry clean your hair

Well, not exactly but a dry shampoo comes in handy when you need to rush off after a workout and can’t make time to shower. It contains active ingredients that soak up oils and sweat from your hair to make your strands feel cleaner and is usually scented so as to leave your crowning glory smelling lovely.

Hand it over

From gripping handle bars to lifting weights, we use our hands a lot while at the gym so they deserve some good TLC afterwards. Hand lotions will soothe and moisturise the skin on them, helping to undo some of the wear and tear we subject them to.

Keep it moist

Notice how your cheeks redden during or right after a workout? That’s because more blood supply is sent to the skin as you exercise and that’s good news, as it means that any products you apply onto it will be better absorbed. The most important thing you need to do is replenish the water that’s lost to sweating. Make moisturiser your gym buddy.

You’ve got the powder

You know that sticky feeling you get on your skin after a hot shower? You go and put on a fresh outfit but they just seem to cling to you and you have to pull harder to get those jeans on, for example. Not a comforting feeling at all and that’s where body powder comes to the rescue. Dust it all over your body to dry off the humidity-induced stickiness and it’ll be much easier to slip into your clothes. Psst … we also like sprinkling some into our shoes to help absorb the sweat and smell.