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For newbies, for the unaware and for “that guy”.

We love that you’ve got bags of attitude. But we know that being a bad-ass doesn’t equate to bad manners. Here are some rules to keep the party fun for everyone.  

Dress For The Party.

When it comes to the gym, stick to the dress code. Working out in non-gym attire can restrict your movement and drag your workout down. Get the right gear that will help you looking and feeling sensational. 

Sweat It Out. Clean It Up. 

Go ahead and break a sweat. But clean up and wipe down equipment with a towel once you’re done with it. 

Strut Your Stuff. And Keep It Too. 

Don’t spread your belongings and used items around the locker room and gym floor. Keep the party clean and tidy. 

Bring It Home.  
You’ve shown off your moves, now bring it back. Return dumbbells, barbells, weight plates back where they belong instead of leaving it on the floor. 
Share The Spotlight.
And the equipment. Share the fun and let others make a statement too. 
Starmakers On Hand
Get chatty with our trainers for assistance on using equipment. Best not to approach other members, they might be in the zone. 
Party Safe 
Drop the beat but not the heavy equipment. Don’t drop dumbbells and barbells on the floor for they might break.