And our picks for fitness trends for 2020 are … *drumroll please*


It’s that time of the year that fitness blogs around the world try to make predictions for fitness-related trends to look out for in the coming year. Here at Celebrity Fitness, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon by looking into our crystal (exercise) ball. Not everything is a new discovery, of course, but we think that 2020 will really take some of these trends in stride.


Space jam!

Why would you pay millions of dollars to be a space tourist when you can opt for anti-gravity workouts? If you think we’re making this up, the technology has existed for many years now. Anti-gravity treadmills allow you to run with minimal pain and impact on the lower body. It’s not just good for those in recovery from injuries, but also for those who needs a bit of support when it comes to their runs. 


Fit to be smart

It is not uncommon these days to see the average layperson wearing a Fitbit on their wrist tracking their daily steps. Advances to smartwatches also mean that you can keep track of all your different fitness routines constantly. If you enjoy biking, there are even smart exercise bikes and smart mirrors in the market these days! We expect that there will be many smart new ways to workout this year. Already, there is an Indiegogo crowdfunding effort for smart boxing gloves – so who’s to say what else is going to come out way?


Workout every-wear

Speaking of smart ways to work out, wearable technology is really moving forward at a fast pace. The ACSM’s health and fitness survey found that wearable tech was the number one trend around the world, and it’s not surprising. Besides the smartwatches and wrist fitness trackers, you can look at getting heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices.


HIIT me baby many more times

Anyone who hasn’t already tried a HIIT session should get down to it! The workout is intense – it’s not called High-Intensity Interval Training for nothing – but it will get your blood pumping and muscles going. Typically, a HIIT session repeats cycles of exercise routines with only a short resting-period. This year, however, give micro-HIIT a go. This means that you’ll get your bursts of exercise spread throughout the day – sprint up those steps to your fifth floor office, or do an intense squat workout while waiting for your coffee to be ready.


KO Boomer

As people grow older, it becomes increasingly easy to get used to a slower pace of life. Baby boomers are not slowly entering retirement age, so they have more free time to get active. This year, expect there to be an increase in fitness programmes for adults in the older age range. Exercise will help them not just live longer, but live healthier as well so age-appropriate routines are necessary. Why not convince your parent or older relatives to join Celebrity Fitness and get them a personal trainer or to join some of the classes?