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Not sure of what to eat before and after your workout? Here are some quick snack ideas. 

What you take before and after your workout can make or break your performance in the gym as well as your gains. Nodding your head to it? Well yeah, you must stay on top of your pre and post workout meal game ‘cos there’s no way you can get a fit bod without keeping a check on your meals, especially the ones that you pump into your body right before and after your workout.

For starters, imagine this—You are running and exercising on an empty stomach while training. You start to feel sluggish and weak making your performance drop down a few bars, you give in a few mins as you feel energy depleted.

When you begin your workout on a near empty stomach, your energy stores will get used rapidly. Once they are fully used, your body turns to your muscles as its next source of energy. When you do not eat post your workout, you are not replenishing your lost electrolytes, salts, and other nutrients. Thus, proper nutrition is essential for recovery post any workout as the muscles need time and nutrients to rebuild and repair themselves.

We suggest, pick a slow-digesting carbohydrate-rich meal before your workouts and include fruits and some proteins too. Post your workout, try to give more proteins, a shot! Another cray tip to replenish on your lost electrolytes is to down some fresh fruit juices, water, lemon juice or detox water.


Here’s what you should keep at an arm’s length when it comes to Pre-Workout Snacks

The pre-workout snack must be rich in slow-digesting carbs. You could grab a banana or munch on some trail mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits or have an avocado toast with eggs to go with in case you’re running out on time. Try these quick snack ideas to have before your workouts.


Apple with peanut butter - Cut apples and top them with peanut butter. Add seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds on top to go with! Say, what? #YummyInMyTummy


Oatmeal with fruits - Start your workout with a bowl of high-fibre oatmeal and any fruit. Your body can digest the carbs in this combo in a slower and more efficient manner and maintain your sugar levels steadily. You will feel energised for a longer time. Add some low-fat milk for added protein and calcium.


Fruit and yogurt smoothie - Smoothies are the easiest to make and guzzle. Smoothies get digested easily and don’t make you feel sluggish during your workout. Whip up your own quick protein-rich smoothie by blending some yoghurt and any fruit of your choice like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc. Blend with ice or water to stay hydrated.


‘Thumbs Up’ to these Post-Workout Snack Ideas –


Chocolate Milk - Chocolate milk has been a childhood fav for one and all, right? This is an ideal drink to refuel and rebuild your muscles. Since chocolate milk is 90% water, it also replaces the fluids and electrolytes lost during your workout.


Greek yoghurt and fruit - A cup of the yummy Greek yoghurt with added fruits offers you the required energy-boosting carbs. Eating this healthy treat post your workouts has known to help with muscle inflammation brought on by exercise. There you are now, good to go!


Green smoothie - A protein rich green smoothie is known to help replace the lost electrolytes and provide the required proteins. Whip up your green smoothie by blending baby spinach, almond milk, Greek yoghurt, some berries and chia seeds. Drink this after your exercise for a much-needed energy boost. Voila! It’s a win-win—You’re healthy and happy!