Personal Trainers Can Make Sure Your Glute Exercises Aren’t A Bummer

Who said that working your glutes can’t be all fun and games? 


I see you, shaking that arse! Or so the song goes. But exercising your bum – or your glutes, to be more specific – calls for more than a bit of twerking. That’s right, if you want to make sure you look good from the behind (and at the behind), then you want to get these exercises right. 

Personal trainers (PT) can help make sure you’re on the right track. This is because for your glutes exercises to be effective, you’ll need to make sure that you activate the right muscle groups to develop strength in that area. What’s more, getting this right is more than pure aesthetics – you’ll also hopefully minimise your risk of injury, improve your posture, and reduce potential back problems (and improve your bone density at the same time!). That’s a whole different way to look at #innerbeauty. 


Fun And Games With Your Trainers 

The great thing about the PT at Celebrity Fitness is that they can help you achieve of all the above while making it all about play. That’s right – their approach is to incorporate gamification into the sessions so that won’t be bored with straightforward workouts, which can be pretty un-exciting. Don’t worry though, all this fun isn’t at the expense of a great workout. It’s just a more fun approach to the same factors that personal trainers use to determine which movement is best for you in terms of exercise selection, loading, volume, rest intervals, repetition, and velocity. 


Chek Them Out! 

How does it work? Well, the PT still adhere to best practices when it comes to exercise programming. At Celebrity Fitness, they focus on the Movement Pattern by world-leading expert Paul Chek from the Chek Institute, which recognises that there are seven primal movements for exercise programming. Many of these movements – aside from the regular squats, lunges and hinges – are much more dynamic so they allow our trainers to craft them into fun activities through the concept of gamification. 


Let’s Play 

When you sign up for a session and tell your PT that you want to work on your glutes, they will put together a programme that might include using the barbell, dumbells and kettlebells, to mix it up. These could include moves such as Bulgarian Split Squats, Leg Curls using the Fitball, and Deadlifts.

Other movements from the Movement Pattern will also be incorporated. This includes using push and pull approaches – you know, either exerting force away from or moving external weight towards the body. Then there is also the use of rotations, i.e. rotating the spine in a safe and effective manner, as well as gait, which involves propelling the body forward. The possibilities are endless when mixing these up to give your glutes the workouts they deserve (or need). 

What are you waiting for? Get off your bum and start training with one of our PT. Get in touch to find out how to sign up for your first session.