There’s no such thing as two left feet at Celebrity Fitness


The benefits for dancing as a form of exercise is clear – it’s a cardio activity that helps you lose weight, lets you keep fit and it even improves functions of the brains. An additional benefit is that dancing can be a group activity and thus, an opportunity to be part of a community at the gym. Try out one of Celebrity Fitness’ DN’A classes and turn the gym into your very own boogie wonderland!


DN’A CoreMotion

Transform your exercise shoes into dancing shoes with this 50-minute medium intensity workout that focuses on the core muscles. You’ll get jiggy-ing to a range of Top 40 music and make abs-olutely fantastic progress. 


DN’A Flavor

Spice up your life and sizzle around the dance floor with this amazing dance class featuring a range of slick, sexy Latin moves. Be prepared to take cha-cha-rge, through an energetic combo of salsa, tango, flamenco, and more. Get ready to Mambo Number 5, six, seven, eight – dance!


DN’A Insanity

You may be a fitness nut but are you crazy for dance? If you are, then this class may be for you. The biggest songs in the charts will surely make you want to get the party started. You’ll think you’re back in the clubs getting your moves on.


DN’A Raw

Feel like letting loose? Don’t just skip but hurry and hip-hop your way into this dance class that features some amazing beats from the streets. The rap beats will be sick, but you’ll stay healthy by giving your body a great workout.


DN’A Seduce

To quote Nelly, it’ll certainly get Hot in Here, but that’s the way we like it. Who needs the sauna when you’ve got this class that promises to be steamy and sweaty as you’ll be dancing to sensual R&B rhythm with burlesques-inspired moves. Lady Marmalade won’t know what hit her.


DN’A Mask

Done right, fitness doesn’t have to be a mystery but this class will keep you guessing! Put on a mask, be someone else, and just let your inner dancer appear. Come together for this class that features contemporary and R&B dance moves. Don’t worry, your secret identity is safe with us.