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Getting some Zzz is not a luxury but a necessity! Did you count the number of hours you get to sleep? 


Many of us still don’t embrace the need for a good, long, sound sleep. Well, yeah, it’s kind of sad because not getting enough zzz and you could walk and talk like a Zombie. Working long hours, maintaining a healthy social life and even binge-watching OTT platforms could affect your sleeping patterns, which then ultimately affects your energy, mood, and health. So, why not call it out as a big no-no?

You’ll be amazed to read that 1 in every 3 people have at least mild insomnia and most others have poor sleep habits. Surprised much? This brings us to a very important ques--just how important is snoozing?


The answer simply is VERY IMPORTANT!


Dozzing off improves your memory
A good night’s rest is essential to boost your concentration power and improve your memory. It is proved that good sleep contributes to the consolidation of memory, which helps us learn better. Individuals who get enough sleep have a better grasping power than others. Evidentially, it is more effective (and healthier) than caffeine. Turns out you don’t need all those cuppas, just catch on 8 hours of sound sleep.


Good sleepers tend to shed more kilos, so yay! Dual benefits :D
It is not a myth that sleep helps to you lose weight. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is one that incorporates the right food combined with an optimal exercise routine and a good amount of rest. Sleep affects your hormones, your motivation to exercise and your appetite. Adequate sleep will help you steer clear of obesity and provide you with a wholesome life. So, no more unhealthy sleep hangovers and no more unsolicited ‘damn’ weight woes!


Sleep is best friends with your mental health
Poor sleepers tend to be irritable, overthink negatively, and even develop psychiatric disorders. They are also likely to go through depression, anxiety and/or paranoia at least once in their lives. Doctors say mental well-being is directly connected to your sleeping patterns. A consistent practice of sleeping well fosters emotional resilience and controls stress which reduces mental health disorders. This means you can possibly stay mentally pepped up 24x7!


A healthy nap keeps inflammation at bay!
Inflammation is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even arthritis. Sleep majorly influences the inflammation in your body and vice versa. It is vital that your sleep cycle is consistent, which means it is important to sleep enough and at a fixed time. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day reinforces the healthy circadian rhythms that govern your sleep and your immune function, including inflammation. People who have fluctuating sleep cycles are at a higher risk of chronic diseases. Naaah, you won’t give into the vicious circle of not sleeping enough now, right?


It’s a slumber party that could make you more athletic! Here’s to a Jr Usain-Bolt-in-the-making!
The world’s greatest sportspersons train rigorously to maintain a healthy physical regime. But higher intensity workouts tend to strain your muscles and tissues. The body heals itself when it sleeps and so athletes are required to sleep for up to 10 hours each day. Woahhhh, that’s some rest and recovery period, right?  Sleep stimulates their accuracy, speed and improves their mental health which assists them to perform better.
Getting that much-needed zzz is, hands down, the most important activity you could reward yourself with! It inevitably affects your mood, makes you happy and wholesome, and improves your health. So, don’t just consider it a luxury, but a priority you must have on all days!

Getting a good night’s regularly is like investing in yourself for a better, fitter, smarter YOU. Infuse it with some #CleanEating and daily doses of workout and you’ll be ready to kick some real butt!